Welcome to Suder,

Suder Montessori Magnet School is dedicated to ensuring successful, nurturing, and enriching experiences for all children.  Dedicated instructional leaders, Montessori, and state-certified teachers, as well as specialists,  share an unyielding belief that all children are capable and deserving of exemplary public education.  Suder Montessori is the heart of the community, opening its doors and embracing all who come to learn.  Children are recognized and supported as individuals and encouraged to flourish in all their accomplishments.



Bosede Bada​





How to Apply


To apply, families will create or log into their GoCPS account, and select the schools to which they would like to apply. Paper applications are not available in Round 2, but families can submit their application over the phone by calling GoCPS at 773-553-2060 from a phone number on file.

Suder Montessori is currently accepting applications for the 2021-2022 School Year!


Apply at  https://go.cps.edu/ 

by December 11, 2020


If you have further questions,please call: 1-773-534-7685

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