Suder Culture & Climate Initiative

Suder is committed to promoting the social, emotional and academic success of all our students. We are in the process of developing and implementing a multi-tiered system of support to create a safe, supportive learning environment to promote and teach positive social and emotional skills as we strive to obtain Exemplary Supportive Schools Certification status.


The new Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook is adopted by the Chicago Board of Education each year to help create a safe environment for all students and school person­nel. The SCC sets forth the expected behaviors for students and a transparent process for administrators to redirect inappropriate behavior. Parents are expected to review the SRR with their children and encourage their children to conduct themselves appropriately at all times. 

Research indicates that there are four major dimensions of school life that shape a school’s climate. These are Safety and Order, Relationships, Curriculum and Instruction, and School-Wide Environment and Structures. This document defines CPS expectations within each of these domains and gives examples of observable evidence of the quality of a school’s climate. These domains are cited in the National School Climate Center’s Key Dimensions, and they align to measures of Supportive Environment on the University of Consortium on Chicago School Research’s My Voice, My School survey used by all CPS schools.

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