Guidance Throughout the Application Process
At Suder, the school counselor guides students through the high school application process through presentations, discussions, and interactive sessions in our computer lab. The counselor is also available to help answer any questions students and parents may have throughout the entire process. 
It is essential that parents have open, realistic discussions on choosing the right schools with their child. In September, students receive an eligibility letter. The eligibility letter contains the student’s NWEA scores and final grades from seventh grade, lists some of the schools for which the student is eligible to apply, and provides additional information, if applicable, regarding tests, information sessions, and other application requirements.

Selecting the Right High School

High school is an important step in your child's educational life, as it helps to prepare them for college and their future career, and provides opportunities for learning essential components of personal development, including self-discipline, time management, decision-making, and teamwork. Because students have different interests, abilities, and needs, Chicago Public Schools offers a wide variety of schools and programs to ensure that students are able to find the right fit. The key aspect of applying for high school is choosing the right schools – it is important to apply to schools that meet your child’s needs and fulfill their interests, as well as to maximize their options by applying to all of the schools where they would accept an offer if it is extended.


Go.cps.edu is the best resource for understanding the application and selection process, as well as learning about the wide variety of options available to your child. Go.cps.edu/search is designed to provide you with specific information about each high school option.  All district and CPS charter schools are included.  Schools can be searched by location, school rating, and program type.  Multiple schools can be selected and compared, based on ratings, culture, graduation rate, attendance rate, and more. 

The GoCPS website also has other features that can assist students and families in the high school application process.  The FAQ section (https://go.cps.edu/about-gocps/faq/high-school) answers a multitude of frequently asked questions about high school application and selection.  The high school resource page (https://go.cps.edu/high-school/resources) includes important information regarding scoring rubrics for specific high school programs, the tier process, and much more.  This page also includes a selective enrollment point calculator, where students can input their information (NWEA percentiles, grades, and tier) to determine the likeliness of their acceptance to specific selective enrollment programs within CPS.

We strongly encourage students and families to utilize the resources within the GoCPS website both before and during the application process.

High School Open Houses 

Many high schools hold Open House events, which provide the opportunity for a personal, first-hand experience of the school. You and your child can find information about the dates and times for these events by clicking the link below. The list of Open Houses is updated frequently, so check back for additional dates.