MIDDLE SCHOOL  (students in grades 7-8)


Middle School Montessori at Suder

How the instruction/curriculum is set up

to address Montessori elements:


  • Mixed aged classrooms - The Middle School has 2 classes with 7th and 8th graders in each class. Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) incorporates the Math and Science content while Humanities investigates Language Arts, Literature, and History. 


  • Student choice - Each week, students get a work plan that is based on their needs. Students must complete the work plans by the end of the week, but have a choice in when they would like to work on certain elements. There are also many opportunities for choice in their projects and writing assignments. 


  • Following the child - Teachers use various forms of data to inform their instructional tools and to differentiate the work for each individual.


  • Uninterrupted blocks of work time - While there is a rigorous load of work for students to complete, the schedule allows for 2.5 hours of time in class each day. Within that classroom time, teachers provide students with a quiet and peaceful space to work independently, with partners, or in small groups. 


  • Discovery - Each month, students are involved in "City Trips". This is designed for small groups of students to research a place they would like to go and plan their travel to the destination. Students explore new and educational spaces and then bring back their experiences to classroom learning. In Humanities, each unit is designed around the Essential Question which is an investigation of a particular theme or issue in our world. Students use their analysis of a multitude of texts to discuss, write about, and debate their new understandings.


  • World Peace - The Humanities curriculum is centered around Essential Questions. These questions investigate historical, political, economic, and social issues that continue to plague our society today. Students also work towards building more peaceful selves by practicing Calm Classroom, which is a set of meditative practices to create a sense of tranquility before learning. 

Suder Students Fight for Fair Funding.

Civics Lesson in Springfield

On Thursday, May 26, 2017, 33 students, 2 teachers, and 2 parents joined other CPS schools on a trip down to Springfield to fight for funding for our schools. We also delivered 95 letters that were written by our K-8th graders. Here is a collection of direct quotes from those letters to capture our students' voices.

Dear Governor (ruiner) Rauner,

I think it's rude and unfair that other schools get more money so they get the education but not us.

I think it's unfair that you give Oak Park, Orland Hills, Forest Park and places like that more money. You give more money and they have nice homes, stores, and schools.

Can you stop treating Chicago like we are bad people?

We don't have any organized sports teams, while the rest of Illinois does. Students who play sports have a better chance to get college scholarships.

Why do we (CPS students) get less? We are not less important.

Some (CPS) schools do not have classes such as art, music, or even extracurricular sports or programs. But it's interesting how schools in the suburbs or places out of Chicago have most of those things. Is that fair? Has Chicago done something wrong to endure this adversity?

Children need education and not all families are super-rich. We can't afford private schools. I really hope you take my words to heart and please do not just toss this letter aside. We need a lot of help.

State legislators must pass a budget that is fair to Chicago Public Schools. I hope this can be done so that I have an equal chance for free public education.

You saying "no" would make the majority of CPS and citizens, in general, will think you really just don't care. I'm guessing you do not want people to think that since you ARE the Governor and you SHOULD care about the citizens you are the executive head of.

I hope you remember the education of the future is at hand. I'm not your typical person to "beg" for something, but I guess a plea like this is needed to catch your attention. This is mine and many others last resort to being heard.

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