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Suder School Song - Mr. Kelly & 2014-15 8th grader
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Our music program at Suder is comprised of two parts: A Middle School Rock Band and Elementary General Music. The instructors, one for Middle School and one for Elementary school, are provided by Chicago’s Music House Inc. We aim to foster confidence, independence, group dynamic skills, and a love for music that will last a lifetime. Our lessons focus on the individual needs of students through various Music Education methodologies (including those of Maria Montessori) and seek to provide

opportunities to improve both ensemble skills and exploration of self through solo activities.


The Elementary program aims to help students access music in the same manner that children acquire language. There is a strong focus on establishing a singing voice through vocal exploration, developing listening skills through the immersion of Western and non-­Western musical sounds, and improving dexterity through various kinesthetic approaches to learning songs – all while learning the important cultural and historical aspects of the music that surrounds them.


 The Middle School program uses the most current technologies to allow students to learn new instruments as well as build upon established skills in order to create their own renditions of popular songs. Students learn the importance of ensemble skills, the power behind solo experiences, and the process of creation while using professional-grade musical equipment.