P H Y S I C A L  E D U C A T I O N

Physical Education’s main mission is to prepare our students to become lifelong participants in fitness activities through various sports and recreation. Adding to these qualities will help students become healthier, happy and better learners in the classroom and beyond. We begin building the foundation of skills in the lower grades (EC & E1) by focusing on the development of gross and fine motor movements and the basic skills needed to participate in games and sports. Skills such as throwing, catching and kicking are emphasized. The activities in grades 4-­6 will help refine these fundamental skills related to sports activities and lifetime recreational activates. They also learn about the rules, procedures, and etiquette for these activities. In Middle School, the students will be able to put these skills into action as we focus more on team games and promoting positive social interactions. 


All grades will participate in cooperative activities that promote team building and problem-solving. The district, state and national standards are the foundation of every lesson that includes psycho­motor and cognitive objectives. But the main goal is for our students to have basic knowledge of movement, fitness, sport and to have fun!

Chicago Blackhawks' Jamal Mayer visits Suder, teaches students floor hockey skills

January 7, 2016.  Jamal Mayer, a member of the 2013 Stanley Cup-winning Chicago Blackhawks, spent the morning at Suder Montessori teaching E2 and Middle School students’ floor hockey skills. He then played a game of floor hockey with students during their physical education classes. Along with a cohort of Blackhawks staff, Mayer autographed photographs for all of the students in attendance and each student was given a small set of Blackhawks branded school supplies. 


In addition to this phenomenal experience, the Chicago Blackhawks donated to Suder two class sets of floor hockey sticks, two floor hockey goals, a set of practice jerseys, a box of floor hockey balls, a floor hockey curriculum, and a banner for the gym! 


A giant thank you to Suder's physical education teacher, Jonathan Sweeney, for organizing this amazing morning!

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