Room 103 Learned about seasons, conditions needed for growth, and planted lettuce seeds in our garden!

Our Garden Classroom:
Pumpkin Seeds 

“Today we learned about pumpkin seeds, seed coat, the life cycle of pumpkin seed, oxygen, carbon dioxide, what plants need to grow, how they give us the oxygen we breathe, and how we provide plants with carbon dioxide. They took a pumpkin seed and put it in a bag with a wet paper towel. In a week, you should see it sprouting (something else we discussed). The last picture is of ours that we had for 3 weeks. Pretty cool! The kids were great! They really enjoyed today’s lesson!”- Lania Rosengren

(Due to inclement weather, the class was held indoors)


Text & Images Courtesy: SuderMontessoriMom

Our Garden Classroom:
Nature prints [part II] and Microscope observation

The following week the weather wasn’t very nice. it was cold and windy, so we decided to finish the project indoor. We had three stations and kids rotated. One station had the nature prints pieces ready to paint. The second station had preserved insects and they learned new vocabulary like Entomologist and the third station had the microscope and observation sheets, they were asked to draw what they saw through the microscope. The samples were taken from the garden.

3 and 4 years old learn how to look through the microscope viewer while kindergartners learn how to focus,  the parts of the instrument and how to place the sample under the lens.


Text & Images Courtesy: SuderMontessoriMom

Our Garden Classroom:
Nature prints [part I] and Pine cones

Our Kids learned about pine cones and how they react with moisture. They were asked to pick pine cones and use descriptive words, then we asked them to predict what would happen if we put the pine cones in water, so they did. While we waited for the result. they moved to the tables where we had the salt dough to make nature prints. if time is not an issue you can do the salt dough with the kids, they can measure, mix and knead but if you are short on time, then the best way to go is to have the small patties ready for them in front of each seat. We asked them to go and find three different objects from the garden to make prints.


Text & Images Courtesy: SuderMontessoriMom


Peace Garden


Suder's Peace Garden was certified as a 2017 Conservation @ School, a pilot program in conjunction with the University of Illinois extension and the Forest Preserves of Cook County.


In 2003, the courtyard of Suder Montessori was a huge piece of asphalt. In June of 2003, the pavement was torn up and grass was laid down with just 4 trees planted.  On September 4, 2003, the Suder Peace Garden was officially dedicated.  In September of 2003, a team of dedicated parents formed the first Garden Committee.  They rolled up their sleeves and planted some native Illinois grasses, fruits and herb plants.  In the years following, with support from Openlands, the Suder Montesssori Garden Committee built raised planting beds and benches for an outdoor classroom. 


Today, the Suder Garden Committee consists of parents, teachers and administrators all dedicated to using our Peace Garden for educational pursuits.  Every Suder Montessori student has regular contact with the garden: mulching, planting, weeding, watering, exploring, harvesting and eating.


The Garden Committee hosts a Saturday family volunteer event every October and April/May; as well as many after-school Garden visit days throughout the warm months of May, June, September and October.  


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